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Saturday, December 15, 2007

No Butt Pictures At All

Misty pointed out recently that there has been a theme to the pictures I have chosen for my posts and as I look back, there does seem to be a trend toward the cherubic bare bottom. So I am making a concerted effort to make some more clothed choices, at least for a little bit here. Just thank your lucky stars they weren't pictures of my ACTUAL butt........ bullet dodged. WHEW!

Tuesday as many of you know was Big Mike's 40th birthday. No exercise was performed that day. The original plan was to go to SWAT swim and bring treats. Due to a huge snow and ice storm though school were closed and since we swim at one of the middle school pools, swimming was also cancelled. Instead we took Mike to Red Robin for the best burgers in the world. We were careful to let the cat slip out of the bag to our server. Before we knew it the servers swarmed around him to sing . They asked him his name, he answered "Miguel" and they announced that it was Miguel's birthday. (He later decided that if he had been thinking more quickly, he should have said his name was McLovin, like the dorky kid from SuperBad - we thankful his brain was in slo-mo). The song they sing goes "happy, happy, happy birthday" but Mike usually sings along to it (when we have been there in the past to observe) and his version goes "happy, happy F'ing birthday" so we were glad he didn't choose to sing along. When they were done, Mike sucked the helium out of the balloons and talked in funny voices and we headed home. He may be 40 on the outside, but he is more like 12 on the inside. Don't let him fool you into believing he is a grown up - he is totally lying.

Wednesday night after work I was scheduled for a tempo run but it was so slippery out, I couldn't go. Instead I sat on the spinner and did some drills while I watched the movie Waitress. The movie was about a waitress in a pie diner who finds out she is pregnant and has a schmuck husband - the theme was how pie was a metaphor for life and the life cycle. Although I will never get the 1:45 of my life back I spent watching this stinker, I did get in a great spin workout, so I guess it evens out in the end.

Thursday was again swim night. We went to swim and I had the best intentions of trying the B workout instead of the C, which is a little lighter. About 1400 yds into the workout, I saw my BIL Jeff waving to me to get out the pool and come over by him and the lifeguard her was talking to. Apparently, he somehow got his finger caught in a hole in the top of the table he was sitting on. And it wouldn't come out. And he was getting kind of vaso-vagal so Jeff wanted his nursey friend there right quick. The guard says "I think I 'm gonna pass out" and I said in my best nursey voice "I think so too - even your lips are white.......put your head between your knees cause I don't want to have to catch you when you fall....." We tried some ice to try to shrink the finger. Didn't budge. We lubed it up with conditioner out of my swim bag. Didn't budge. There are always janitors around the building int he evening, so I set out to find one that could bring a tool or two. As I trotted off sown the hall in my swimsuit and swim cap, I realized that it was Christmas Choir Concert night and the halls outside the pool were FILLED with middle school students and parents. And I am walking through them in my wet swimsuit - Choice. I flagged down a teachery looking guy who happened to be the vice principal, told him to find one of his guys and bring the big tools. He decided that it would be better to call 911, which he did. So, before we know it there is a pile of firemen and paramedics there to rescue our lifeguard. Five minutes later he was free, but by that time, it was time to pick Lucas up from work so we were done. Turns out the guy is a swim coach and was covering for one of his swimmers who was supposed to guard. He gave the teachers there a pretty good laugh once he finally was set free.

This morning I got up early for the SWAT pancake run. I knew I would be running way behind the group so I tried to make it clear I didn't want anyone to wait for me or try to shepherd me in. It was absolutely gorgeous out. 22 degrees so it was was pretty cold, but it was snowing the whole time - great big huge fluffy flakes- which was just so cool. I was feeling really "on" today so after finishing up the 5 miler I drove home and ran another 3. It was awesome. We have had a ton of snow and ice lately and the sidewalks are pretty poorly shoveled for the most part, if at all and most of the corners are plowed in and no one shoveled them back out, so really it was more of a trail run today to keep from slip-sliding away or falling off snow mounds. Time was pretty slow, but really more as a result of me trying to be careful than having problems running. I got the Yaktrax I ordered in today's mail, so I will have try them out soon and see if it makes a difference.

Tomorrow I'll do another long spin to start off the training week and then we will get serious about scrubbing up the house for Christmas festivities.


Robin said...

I hope you like your YakTrax! I used mine on Monday and they were great!

Sounds like Miguel had a great birthday - burgers, balloons, and bad singing! What more could a guy want!

Anonymous said...

Good job on your run...and going home and doing 3 more miles! I bet it was nice running with the big snow flakes.

Those Yak Trax look pretty neat. We don't get all the snow you do, but I might like to try those for when we do.

bigmike600 said...

Thanks for the great birthday stuff. I think your affinity for the butt posts comes because I have such a nice one.

Anonymous said...

I tagged you, Jenny!

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