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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tagged by Cindy

I have been tagged by Cindy, so here goes:
So here are 5 unusual or interesting things you may not know about me:
1) I hate getting flowers. It took me years to get Mike to stop sending them to me. They are expensive and they don't last long at all. I never remember to water them, never remember to throw them out til they stink. Now, that's not to say I don't enjoy cuttings from someones garden, that is a little different.
2) I am obsessed with shoes. I love to buy them and I love to covet them on other people. One of the first things I look at when I see people are their feet to see what shoes they have on. One of my favorite pairs EVER was a pair of neon blue calfskin ankle boots I bought on the Loop in Chicago in high school. They laced up and kind of looked like elf shoes. I have no idea what happened to them, but if they were still around I would wear them every day. I actually think the shoe fetish comes from being so heavy for so long - the shoe department is the one place where I could talk shopping with everyone, I didn't have to go to a special fat girl section of the store.
3) If you tell me I can't do something, I will do it simply to prove you wrong. I am just that stubborn. And I will do it all pissed off with a chip on my shoulder.
4) I am horribly messy, even though I try really hard to keep my things cleaned up. I keep everything because "I might need that later" and it piles up everywhere. My fear is that someday, I will be the little old lady whose house is just packed with collections of CRAP I can't part with, with only little narrow paths so I can get to my bed and the bathroom.........
5) I have a lot of fun reading blogs and following what people are doing with them. I think it is just a little weird and awkward to meet these people in person. It just seems totally creepy to go up to someone and say "Hello there internet friend, I'm J-Wim..." . It' feels a little like Peter Parker introducing himself as Spiderman, which would never happen - the superhero persona is supposed to be kept a secret..... Plus, I am often just at a loss for small talk, so these meetings are sometimes really really awkward.

Now for the forward tags: How about......... Michele, Tracy, Renae, Brigitte, Regina. Let's hear it ladies.


Tri-Dummy said...

Does this mean I CREEPED YOU OUT!

I'm appalled! How you could you be creeped out by a short, bald, hairy guy?

J-Wim said...

OK, clarification: I am the one feeling like I am being creepy, which is not really the right word.......maybe stalkerish would be a better one?? LOL

blink140pnt6 said...

Wimmer, trust me you should be creeped out by a short bald hairy guy named Duuummy. Dudes a freak!

besides that, I'm with ya %100 on #3.

Thats me to a T.

Anonymous said...

I love your #3...I think that's a cool trait to have!

I'm a little obsessed with shoes, too, mostly running shoes. Fleet Feet is heaven to me.

Totally understand #5. I said hi to Geekgirl while I was running in a triathlon...she was helping at an aid station. I did feel kinda like a stalker saying "are you Geekgirl?" because she looked a little suspicious like "who's asking?"

Bigun said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bigun said...

(Oops, I mean...) #2 is are a woman...end of discussion.

momo said...

i can totally relate to just about all of this. #1. i forget to water them, they die and start to stink or lose their petals all over my counters... ugh. i just need to tell big j. #2. well, we all know i'm bordering on obsessive when it comes to my boots. #3. HELL YES! #4. shhh, don't tell anyone. junk drawers galore.

but #5?? don't get freaked out! its just like catching up with old friends. its kinda cool. can't wait to meet you at cda!!

bigmike600 said...

Nice post. #4 is so true, and we only have a few junk drawers, and piles, and stacks of stuff, and cubbies, and a few other spots of stuff. I think it's cool when we find stuff we didn't even know we had and stuff still with tags from the store on them. It's like getting a birthday present and it's not even your birthday.

Pat said...

The best thing about having a stuff drawer is you always have stocking stuffers for next year.

can anyone say regift.

I knew you could come up with 5 interesting things. I bet you can't come up with another five.

Jeff said...

Awesome list. Looking forward to creeping you out some day.

Fellow memeber of the "pile theory" club.

Sunshine said...

Your 4th on the list is enough to make me laugh... and find 5 things to donate to Good Will.
We had our first meeting with a blogger friend at the Grand Rapids marathon in October.. It turned out just great. I guess it pays to be cautious, but we had a fine visit at the expo.

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

(btw - loved the Christmas Card!)
Happy New Year Stalker Blogger friend!!

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