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Monday, December 10, 2007

Hey Y'all

Where did I leave off?
Friday I took a little run by myself before dark in the slush and cold. Not much to brag about but got it done. It is a real challenge to try to the specific workouts (tempos, keeping certain paces, etc) when trying to combat the uneven terrain of Midwestern snowy sidewalks. Some people shovel a little, a lot, or not at all - and forget about the corners - those suckers are so heavy that if you don't have a snowblower I pretty much have to jump a mountain and cross my fingers. It really is more of a trail run than a track workout, at least that's how I'm counting it.... Got in 4.3 miles.

Saturday and Sunday were really do-nothing days workout-wise. I had good intentions, they just fell apart somewhere along the way. We did the last of the Christmas shopping except for a few odds and ends. Found a superdeal from Costco on 305s (got 2) and also found a sweet deal on a Digital SLR camera and lens (I am sick of expecting professions shots from a pocket camera). Chalk that up to Christmas presents to myself.

Saturday night after going for cake and birthday fun for my niece Taylor, we went to the SWAT Christmas party at Kitty's place, which by the way was the fanciest house I have ever been inside. million dollar house at least 8-10 bedrooms and bathrooms nice...... like I went to Africa and shot all the rugs you are standing on kind of unusual. Dave and his band played for us and we all got dressed up in our fancy clothes, Spandex and tennies were banned for the night. It was a blast. I think Mikey is posting pictures on the SWAT site.

Tonight after work, Mike and I went for another slush run. It's kind of challenging and I don't think Mike liked it much (cold and wet) but we did it and lived to tell the tale.

Tomorrow, be sure to go to Mike's blog and wish the old fart a happy birthday........... He's 40 now, by the way, officially in a new age group. Shouldn't be long now before all conversation leads to talk of early bird specials, senior discounts, constipation, and the state of his bowels.


blink140pnt6 said...

Ahhh the slush runs, I sorta like em it's about sloppy commitment.

Got a pair of neoprene storm socks that keep the feet dry if you can find them they work well.

Anonymous said...

Next time I want an ice cream cone, I will think of that cartoon!

Good job on the slush runs!

momo said...

OH! you do christmas shopping like i do!! one for you, two for me! its nice that way, huh??

way to get those runs done!!

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

you guys are busy busy busy!! I am exhausted now. Thanks!!

Steve Stenzel said...

Slush runs stink.

Jeff said...

Busy days around in Wimmerland. Nice job on Mike's b-day gift -- for two!

Tri-Dummy said...

I just wanna say how awesome of a wife you are! Great present for my brutha Big Mike!

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