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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Run Vs Nap

Yesterday was a rest day for me. And I really needed one - sucky work day/week, lots of teenage 18-itis drama again, and just plain tired.
Today I woke up with a wild hair up my ass, and was just grouchy, mostly about all of the above still. We did some running around with Cheesy Beefy getting him some stuff - a couple pairs of shorts and a pair of throwing shoes (He is out for track for shot/discus). Did you know there were special shoes for the shotput?? I had no idea.
I knew I had a longish slower run on my plan today, but by 4pm I had talked myself into a little predinner nap. My big bed was calling me. As I sat on the edge of the bed thinking about hitting the pillow, guilt got the best of me and I laced up the running shoes and hit the road. Nothing real special to brag about or anything other than it was really kinda COLD out (38 degrees), but I got my big butt off the bed and got outside.
The battle: Nap vs Run.
The winner: I think it's a draw.


S. Baboo said...

I almost always feel better after a run, the worse my week the longer I tend to run.

I did know about throwing shoes, had several pair myself in high school; still have my old shot and two discuses. They also have special shoes for throwing the javelin.

Ultra, Iron "GeekGirl" Misty said...
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Ultra, Iron "GeekGirl" Misty said...

Finally getting caught up on my reading...your bike is GORGEOUS, I've admired the Diva myself and it comes already foofyed up, too. Also, you don't want longer snowshoes than that. When the back is long they hit each other, making you trip or think that someone is right behind you. I love my redfeathers!

Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

I'm thinking that sleep thing is over rated.

Anonymous said...

Way to get out there and run when a nap feels so good. That's no easy thing to do!

Yeah, all the special shoes for track are crazy. Our younger son is a thrower, and the older one high jumps. Can you believe there are special shoes for high jumping? Of course, we bought them, but he didn't jump any higher.

kt said...

I have learned that no matter what time of day it is, I NEVER regret going for a run, even if it is the worst run ever.

bigmike600 said...

It would be cool if you could post some new bike pictures.

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