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Monday, March 3, 2008

Snowshoeing: part Deux

Well my ACTUAL snowshoes arrived today while I was at work. Mike and I took a turn around the cornfields across the street for an hour checking them out.

Mine are quite cute, much smaller, more difficult to secure, much less flipitty-floppity, in short they are LADIES snowshoes....... you know all dainty and shit just like their owner.

Oh yeah.... and the little "feather" shape of the back of my RedFeather Pace snowshoes is PERFECT for flinging craploads of ice at my back and head. And I mean lots of big ice chunks.

Mike posted my video on his post and you can see the ice flying in action. It's really quite cool except when it pelts me in the back of the head. I would post it myself but it seems pointless to post the same dang thing as he did. So go check it out. It's OK, I'll wait right here.
Done laughing yet? Good.
So the snow went through a major metamorphosis since I took my solo mission in Mike's shoes on Friday. We had a lot of melting so we lost melting, then on top of that we had rain, then a little more snow, then a little more melt. It made the snow really thick, almost plated, and crispy. I think that's why the snow chunks kept flying around me.
I do think I like Mike's snowshoes better, but I will keep my own since that's what I chose! (Anyway, I'm not sure I am comparing apples to apples anyhow since the two trips were on much different snow conditions)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That is kinda cute how it flings the snow up behind you :)

Looks like fun though!

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