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Sunday, March 9, 2008

One for my Sisters (Real or Spiritual, Don't be Shy!)

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The Princess Bride Personality Test

Yeah, I was Buttercup. you wish you were me.


TAK said...

You are Westley. Valiant, handsome and a great believer in the power of true love. You learn quickly, recover quickly and think quickly. Others marvel at your brilliance and wish they were you!

Wuv true wuv! and now I have that stuck in my head for another 10 years....just when yout think you've stop repeating quotes from TPB it comes up again:) Love it!!!

Anonymous said...
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Steve Stenzel said...

"I am Vizzini."


J-Wim said...

Want some quotes? Try going here:

Dan Seifring said...

You are Prince Humperdinck. You want everything your own way and you're not afraid to lie and cheat to get it! You surround yourself with adulating comrades so that you can use mass brute force to achieve your goals. All this goes to hide the fact that you're a big yellow bellied coward!

1366 other people got this result!
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10% of people had this result.

tayjizzy said...

You have too much free time on your hands! I am also Princess buttercup. thank you for bringing out my inner princess!

Lisa said...

I'm Westley. That was fun! And I LOVE that movie!

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