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Monday, May 26, 2008

Wake Up Call

Here is just a little slice of what life is like when you live next door to the high school. It's Memorial Day, the day after you finish a marathon. You plan to sleep until noon. Then you look out your bedroom window to see this go by at 0900:

Yep. It's the Parker HS marching band warming up for the parade.

Before they moved the parking lot, there was a buffer field area between us and them. No such luck anymore, they march right past our backyard playing Anchors Away on the tuba. Semper Fi.

This morning I am trying to figure out how I slept through that gorilla beating me p with the Tokyo phone book. If I could lift these stumps that used to be arms to touch my head, I am pretty sure I would find that my hair even hurts.

The knee still feels a little tweaked, but not as bad as I had anticipated, so maybe this is in the realm of normal.

When I got up this morning and came downstairs, Mike was typing away at the puter. Putting together a plan for HIM training. Another wake call I think. Yep, now we're serious.

A few more random thoughts about yesterday:

- I can see how someone would go to some very dark place out there alone, especially if they were falling apart. Wow. Glad Mike was there with me. Focusing on keeping him well kept me out of those places for sure. No time to feel sorry for myself, it was Nursey Cheerleader time (sounds like some sort of fantasy porn movie doesn't it).

- I need to work on some speedwalking for IM, keeping a pace that can be a placeholder until I am recovered enough to run again and make up time.

- Why did all the road in Madison slant upwards so sharply from the curb to the road? The whole outer half of every running lane was like walking the pitch of a rooftop. Sucked.

- the support stations and the fans along the roadside in Madison were THE best ever. Wow. They were great.

- And best of all I am up 3 pounds from yesterday morning. After going 26.2 miles as fast as I could. That is just sick and wrong. Burn 3300 calories, and gain weight. Poop.

- I can't figure out why my hands got so puffy by mid-race. They looked like mottled red and white sausages. Huge. Better today though. All the salty Gatortang, Sports Beans, Shot Blocks? Pretty sure I had a lot in common with Lot's Wife in the salt department anyway.


Robin Blackburn said...

I haven't checked in on you in forever! CONGRATS on finishing the marathon (and being a wonderful wife, nurse, and cheerleader)! WOOHOO!!

S. Baboo said...

Good job on the marathon! It is a tough distance.

GeekGirl said...

"slant upwards so sharply from the curb to the road..."A very good friend right before my first marathon told me to walk in the center of the road, where it's flatter. I was glad I took his advice. At my first half marathon I didn't do that and my left ankle paid the price. Congratulations on your finish! Way to go!

Jeff said...

I have no doubt you guys kept each other going. Great that you were there for each other.

Yeah, that weight thing kinda sucks. Hope it bounces back down in the next coupla days.

cindy said...

I'm sorry, but I am cracking up at the band playing the morning after your marathon. The video is funny, and I thought Daisy was gonna take a poop, too. And, Lot's wife...LOL!

Congratulations on your first marathon! You and Mike did great...I went to the dark place at mile 20 of my first one. Way to stay positive, nursey cheerleader!

Erin said...

Congratulations! 26.2 is a long, long ways to go, no matter what rate you go at. Finishing at all is fantastic.

I was standing at the finish line after my half-mary and the announcer said, "These people have been out there, moving continuously, for more than four hours. What have any of you done for FOUR WHOLE HOURS other than sleep lately?" I thought that was really inspiring, and so true. To run and run-walk for 5+ hours? That's money in the bank for IM! Way to stick it out!

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

not to worry - you're most likely retaining water because you got dehydrated. give it a week and you'll bounce back.

well done on your marathon!

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