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Saturday, May 24, 2008

You know you've missed my pictures, So here you go!

This morning we got Lucas off to his drive time for Drivers Ed, then headed to Madison to pick up our race packets at the Expo.
Here is the free stuff (minus all the stupid flyers and discount cards). Not much, but we DID get a free cowbell!
Here' the shirt. Tech tee. Cool. The back says finisher so I can't try it on til the race is over. Bad mojo and all that. Mike is pouting because the XL is none too XL.
We found a few things to buy. Here is the graphic on the shirts we bought to wear tomorrow. Pretty sweet.
Yeah. They pretty much saw us coming a mile away. Picked just a few necessities- new lucky Balega socks, the brat shirts, a pair of Race Ready compression shorts for me with a pink zip case for my Fuel Belt to store some of my favorite paper products tomorrow, a gel flask for Mike and the new Caffeinated Sports Beans and some Shot Blocks.
After the Expo we headed up to the Capital Square for the Farmers Market. There was lots of good stuff to eat, and freaky people to watch- Granolas with blond ratty dreadlocks and tie dye tshirts, Bible thumpers preaching the Apocalypse and shaking signs around, and some sort of impromptu anti-war musical/play on the lawn of the Capital building. We ate some yummy stuff but the only thing we brought home was a free bumper sticker for Beefcake's new car. He was thrilled by the way. We stopped at this great nursery on the way home and picked up some great flowers for the house.

Here are the 2 ginourmous hanging baskets for the back deck. What I like best? Petunias are pretty hard to kill. Important stuff for my house.

Big planter for the front step. Matches the siding.
To the far left, we got some hanging bags full of wave petunias to hang from the lights and you can see the planter too on the right. Rascal's rock garden ready to bloom any time now. Looks great with the construction backdrop from the Parker school renovation wouldn't you say?
One of many artsy fartsy shots. I'll spare you the rest.

The very first Clematis bloom of the year form the trellis. There's like a hundred more ready to pop.

Proof positive the Mike "I'm not grouchy" Wimmer always looks grouchy and always says he's not. Always.

My 2 favorite dogs chillin in the back yard, Daisy and Maddy. Also known these days as Fanny Fat Ass and Betty Big Butt.


Brigitte said...

thank you for the flower shots. Very nice.
Can't wait to read the race report.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics!

I always joke with Jeff that his face constantly looks grumpy. I'll ask him...what's wrong? He'll's just how my face looks!!

OH...your doggies are so adorable :)

Jeff said...

Congrats on earning that t-shirt today. (Why do they give out "finisher" t-shirts before the race?)

Can't wait to read your report, just to check Mike out!

blink140pnt6 said...

I'll run for just beer!

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