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Friday, May 23, 2008

Well here's a new one (ladies only)

First things first- if you have XY chromosomes, click here.

There. that should occupy them for a while. We alone now? Good.

So........... now that's it's just us girls, here is my question O the day. When you do a marathon for say, 5-6 hours, where do you keep your spare ....... feminine products without sweating them all up before you need them? Never been an issue before, guess I've been lucky.

I'm thinking duct tape spare tampax to the back side of my race number.... would that be stupid? I'm open to suggestions here ladies, help a sister out!


Kim said...

Hope its not to late to answer but perhaps... you could wear a bike jersey, but the tampon in a small plastic baggie, and tuck inside the back pockets of the jersey.

Must be some full moon thing going on, cause I feel my time a coming and I have a 6.2 mile race today, guess I better, uh, prepare before I go just in case...

Jenny Davidson said...

Yes, wear something with a pocket and keep 'em in plastic! I got a good thing for my last race, which is a set of clips you can use to convert a regular waist pack into a race belt, v. useful:

I think you want a belt with stuff in it, anyway, for a long run like that, don't you? Easier to have gels and tissues and stuff in a real zipped-up thing than just stuffed into pockets...

Anonymous said...

durnit, I hope I'm not checking this after the fact. I like the fuel belt because you can add different sized pockets to it...good luck!

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