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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Confessions of a Drama Queen

Okay, so here is my confession. When I was really little, our kitchen had an oven that was set into the wall across from my place at the table. The front of it was reflective and I spent nearly every meal looking at myself in the oven door, making faces, and generally not paying attention to what was going on at the table. My mother finally got so sick of it, she would cover the oven door at dinner so I couldn't vamp it up all through the meal.
I haven't really had a big problem with that for a long time. That is, until I discovered the webcam feature on my new laptop. Basically I can set it so I can have a little streaming live video of myself the whole time I am puting. Which is dangerous. I find myself looking at what I am doing, all.the.time. AND taking pictures of myself puting. And making goofy faces. And fixing my hair. And thinking about what I could take a picture of myself doing next. get the picture.
I am really not sure how to fix this. Maybe my mom should come and put a towel over the webcam so life can get back to normal.

This weekend, Mike and the boys went trout fishing, so I was home alone. I did some picking up around the house, did a bunch of laundry, got caught up on all the shows I had DVRed, and trimmed the dogs nails. (Sounds exciting so far, eh?) Friday night I watched Martian Child from the spinner (pretty good movie). Saturday, my planned bike ride with the SWAT team got rained out (boo) and my parents stopped over to get caught up (they got back from snowbirding in Costa Rica on 5/1, first I had seen them since Christmas). I got some shopping done in the rain, including buying a foam roller with a video for some pressure massage for my knee (anyone have any good tips?). I watched 27 Dresses from the spinner (great chick movie!).
Today, I got up and went to breakfast with my sister and her kids, and my parents. After I got home, I worked up the courage to go out on my long run, a scheduled 18 miler of long slow distance.
I made sure I had plenty of fluids (water and Gatorade Endurance), some Sharkies, some sports beans, and a goo. I took some naproxen about an hour before, I stretched and stretched. I made sure I had my phone and I took off. The first several miles were OK, I took it easy and tried not to watch the time. I walked a little bit at first, but not too bad- I always seem to have a hard time getting started anymore. I got to about mile 5 and it started to get kind of uncomfortable so I walked more and ran less. I was able to stop for water refill and potty at the hospital, and took off again. Since that area was pretty flat, I decided just to zigzag back and forth through the neighborhood at about 50/50% walk/run. The discomfort was pretty constant but not really bad, I ran as much as I could then walked until it was better, then ran again. About mile 10, I was thinking I was doing pretty good that the pain was just a dull annoyance and had really not gotten worse so I started planning the rest of my zigzag route. I stopped to cross the street and walk a bit at about mile 10.5 and as soon as I started walking the knee hurt BAD. I decided to just give up the ghost and walk home for fear of making a bad situation worse. I limped for a while, especially on the downhills (think driveways and crosswalks), and it gradually loosened up and felt a little better. It was barely a twinge when I got home. I stretched more, iced it for about an hour, and now I rest on the sofa. Feeling pretty good now, we'll see what tomorrow brings. Wanna see the ugly details and graphs? Click here for the BIM post.
We are 21 days from the marathon. My plan is to take it kind of easy until then (with just one more long run next weekend) and other than that, focus on bike and swim, yoga, and foam rolling like mad. I will start the marathon. If I can't run it, I will walk it after I have to stop running. There is a 6 hour cap on the event, so i will either a) finish just under the wire, b) get scooped up by support because I have no hope of finishing in time, or c) flag down course support and eat brats at Johnsonville Bratfest until Mike gets done. Let's all cross our fingers for option A shall we?


Jenny Davidson said...

Yes, good luck with option A, I hope your knee feels much better very soon!

Melissa said...

Don't feel bad, I had the same problem when I first got my webcam. LOL It did eventually stop being such a novelty and I resumed my normal puting life. ;-)

Brigitte said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog.
I do hope that your knee gets better. Too bad we don't come with a clear warning message ( load paper) kind of thing. :)

Jeff said...

Good luck with the knee. Can't imagine running 26 in any kind of pain.

kt said...

You will get through on option A! Good luck. Also, I am glad you liked 27 dresses. I am looking forward to watching that one. I don't think my husband will be joining me. Party pooper!

momo said...

omg, so its normal??? :-)

hope the knee is feeling better. is it your IT band? my training partner, krista ( has had lots of IT issues. she might be able to offer some help...

and i just saw 27 dresses too, it was very cute. even big j thought so.

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