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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The wait is Over

We got a chance to speak to Nick yesterday and to my relief no one had hacked him up and buried him in the backyard, he is alive and apparently OK, living with his friend and some other people in UP Michigan, population 2000. I was able to tell him all the essential info I thought he needed to have as an adult living in the world on his own (health insurance, car insurance, and whatnot...). We even offerred to mail him some things he left behind, like all of his underwear and socks if he would give us an address to mail it all to.
From what he says he has an address, but couldn't recall what it was ...... AND he has enrolled himself in the high school (I checked - there is only 1 jr/sr high in town) and he wasn't sure what the name of the school he was now going to was....... so I'm not exactly sure what's up but my bullshit meter is alarming full tilt. Maybe he is going to Riverdale High with Archie and Jughead.... I'm pretty sure that was an imaginary high school too.
At any rate, the lines of communication are open again hopefully, which I am grateful for.

So here is my public service message for the day: Remember this when you are looking at that sweet little child with the halo hanging from his head........ Someone once told me this and I thought it would never apply to me but it applies to everyone eventually I've come to believe.
"Little kids, little problems; big kids, BIG problems."


cindy said...

I'm glad you got to talk to him :)

Also glad you still have your humor...Riverdale High cracked me up!!

kt said...

phew, glad to hear contact has been established, keep running, maybe it will keep the stress levels down!

Jeff said...

That's progress. I'm glad you heard from him.

Thanks for the advice. Something to look forward too for me!

Lisa said...

What a relief! Hang in there....

Calyx Meredith said...

Oh - you are all in my thoughts and prayers! As a mother of five (three of them teenage boys) - I hear you! You sound remarkably centered and sane! And so kind. Thanks for sharing the parenting advice - you are so right and I find myself appreciating the reminder. My friends (who were all older than me and reached mommyhood years ahead of me) told me that the secret to good parenting was duct tape and bungee cords. I was horrified at the time as I kissed the fuzz on my angelic baby's head. NOW I have come to appreciate both their humor and their angst. Peace.

bigmike600 said...

Does that mean I'm BIG PROBLEMS?

Athena said...

You are handling this with more calm and grace than I could muster. Yes, I realize that we save our 'best selves' for the "public" and usually lose our cool in private. But still--your humor is a good sign. And if the kid has your sense of humor, that will go a long way too.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

we all did effed up things when we were his age, and survived to be thriving members of society.

or at least, I did.

you're a good mom.

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